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Benefits of flexible office space over traditional office space

Office space its repairs and maintenance is one of the largest costs after the salary of the employees. To choose an office space among-st the wide variety of choices which are present is a very crucial business decision. Listed below are a few major differences between choosing traditional leasing and flexible lease that help you choose the one that suits you the best

Traditional Lease
Flexible Lease
Agreement Traditional lease rental agreements are quite complex and usually long-term. They include many details as leasing fee which increases, security deposit, length of lease, property description etc. With flexible lease, the agreement looks different. Instead of a rental agreement, you have to sign a service contract.
Contract Period If you’re leasing directly from the landlord you’re going to be signing a multiple year or, at least, multiple month lease. There will be no short term lease nothing less than three months mostly it’s for a year or more For a Flexible Lease you can often do month-to-month after a three, six or twelve month minimum.
Cost Traditional Lease requires large amount of capital as they have fixed costs like lease, facility management, and utilities and also there are added costs such as repairs and replacements, renovations to infrastructure, housekeeping etc. In case of Flexible Lease you pay only for what you use and you don’t have to worry about additional bills and making sure every corner of the space is running smoothly without any added costs.
Process Securing a traditional leased space can be a costly and time-consuming process. You will need to consult lawyers, a fit-out company and agents for completing the procedure. Flexible lease has a more efficient and streamlined leasing process through the development of a “customer portal” where you can view, customize and sign their new lease or renew their existing lease.
Property Management In a traditional leased space one has to personally invest in the resources you need. In case of flexible office space you get all the facilities like furniture, internet and all other facilities.
Empty Desks The traditional lease office is empty or goes unused 55% of the time, according to research. And it costs companies a hefty sum – around $27,000 per desk each year. With flexible lease offices, space wastage is significantly reduced as offices are taken on a individual desk and shorter term basis.

About Us

Qdesq.com is a premier destination and nation’s largest tech-enabled platform for today’s workforce to search, sort and book a flexible and serviced workspace, without the hassle of a lease or brokerage and moreover completely Free of Charge (without any brokerage).

Simultaneously, Qdesq.com is an opportunity to the workspace providers (corporate offices, landlords and occupiers, business centers, hotels and coworking spaces) to monetize their unused and vacant workspace inventory of work desks, meeting rooms, cabins, and private suites.

We started our journey in Nov 2015 with an intention to create a new model for workspaces, in fact disrupt the traditional office leasing demand and supply equation. The mission is to convert square feet based industry into per seat based. Thus, started a tech platform to discover, evaluate and book flexible workspaces. The platform induces “on -demand”, transparency and agility to the whole process.

At present, Qdesq is the largest and fastest growing flexible workspace rental platform providing office seekers with ready move in serviced offices, as per their budget, location and terms. These workspaces are branded coworking and serviced offices, unbranded shared offices and built to suit – bespoke private managed offices (with services and investments from an established operators).

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