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Rise of Coworking’s in India

Thanks’ to globalization; we are working in shared & innovative economic culture. Where boundaries are vanishing and social circle is expanding.

The trend of co working spaces in India is amazing, a work culture where professionals, entrepreneurs & freelancers belongs to different ideas come together and work on under same roof.

India is a country with the second largest Human resource in the world – the surge of startups and a new generation who promotes the idea of cost efficiency prefer co working space.

Co working: A trend on the rise

The concept of co working is a western adaptation. if we talk about today’s scenario-  A research by property consultants JLL India analysis that by the end of year 2018, shared office space in India will grow by 50 percent.

A cost-effective alternative to renting and leasing

Most of the startups and an increasing number of companies prefer shared office spaces for to lower rentals, savings on maintenance costs , housekeeping facility and etc. while using co working space a company can save many cost related to maintenance cost  , office boy cost and etc up to 30% of cost can be saved in co working space.

Accessibility matters 

The easiest way to achieve you objective is to help your team by adopting co-working space trend, because most of the co-working space has metro connectivity which help their team in time efficiency and  co-working space are decorated by colorful interiors and diverse settings that offer a welcoming feel.  working in this environment boost the confidence of team and help to increase in productivity.

Scale up or scale down: It’s up to you!

The reason that makes co working space different from traditional office is that –  example if you rent a traditional office you have to pay for the full space doesn’t matter what is your team size and also after some time if your team is large then you have to shift other place but the issue of scalability totally resolved in co working space concept you can easily increase or downsize your team as per your requirement.

The change that shared office spaces are introducing is not just physical, but also mental. As this can be analyzed that the People who work in co working spaces has low stress level  as they don’t feel work load . Work for these people is not something that pays the bills, but something that inspires them to do better, stay motivated and makes them happy.

About Qdesq

Qdesq.com is a premier destination and nation’s largest tech-enabled platform for today’s workforce to search, sort and book a flexible and serviced workspace, without the hassle of a lease or brokerage and moreover completely Free of Charge (without any brokerage).

Simultaneously, Qdesq.com is an opportunity to the workspace providers (corporate offices, landlords and occupiers, business centers, hotels and coworking spaces) to monetize their unused and vacant workspace inventory of work desks, meeting rooms, cabins, and private suites.

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  1. Coworking spaces are the future of workspaces .They provide a good space for productivity and networking opportunities.
    They are very good places to connect and meet
    private office in delhi

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